Teen Therapy

As children grow and progress through preteen and teen stages, many changes occur not only in their bodies, but also in their interests, attitudes, peer relationships, and ways of viewing the world. These phases of development coincide with changes in their brains and are related to more risk taking behaviors, impulsivity, and important opportunities for learning skills for interpersonal success.

Preteens and teens naturally begin to form emotions and feelings that are new, intense, and that sometimes feel uncontrollable. These experiences may be difficult to navigate and challenging for parents to understand. Conversations can sometimes be heated or lead to arguments, leaving everyone unsettled.

At Paradox, our teen therapists can support your teen and family in practicing effective communication strategies. Our adolescent experts work with teens in creating value-based decisions that encourage their future and present goals.

We provide teen therapy and counseling for:

Outreach and education have shown to protect against risky teen behavior. And although there’s no magic formula for side-stepping this phase of adolescent development, we strive to make this transitional period a proactive time for healthy life choices. Moreover, we know that teens don’t have to feel stuck or overwhelmed and that accessing support during this hard time can lead to more successful outcomes. Our psychologists encourage teens to become more resilient and support them maintaining a positive outlook for their future.

Paradox Psych Services is a child and teen therapy center with two Carlsbad locations: Bressi Ranch and Aviara Parkway. Our child and teen therapists at Bressi Ranch are also near San Marcos. We offer an action and goal oriented approach to child and teen therapy. Additionally, our psychologists and parenting consultant have earned the highest achievable degree in their field. To learn more about our services, contact us today for a free phone consultation.