Tantrum Behaviors

Tantrum behaviors can stem from a child not getting what they want, feeling tired, trouble communicating, transitions, and many more experiences. And children can express frustration and anger in outbursts, leaving parents feeling overwhelmed. Tantrum behaviors can test even the calmest and most put-together person. Yet, we’ve all witnessed the composed parent who calmly and gracefully responds to his or her child’s screaming and kicks. And at times, we wonder how they were able to act so purposefully under so much stress.


At Paradox Psychological Services, our behavior specialists and child therapists support you in becoming that composed parent during tantrum behaviors. We offer training and consultation in the home, at our office and in the community settings of San Diego North County (Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside, San Marcos, etc).

Our behavior specialists and child therapists will give you tools to feel empowered. In this way, your learn to take control of situations when your child has tantrum behaviors.  Parents learn to embrace their child’s unique personality and to respond instead of react to their child’s tantrum behaviors. The behavior therapists can teach your child sign language to communicate, help you devise diversion tactics, show you what situations are good for ignoring tantrums versus leaving the area and ultimately help you to create and practice a plan of action.

Paradox’s expert behavioral consultant is and Erika Smith, M.Ed., BCBA. Visit her page to learn more about her areas of expertise.

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