Potty Training

Toileting independence and potty training are big achievements for children. Independence in the bathroom is one of the first steps toward daily self-help skills and it’s a necessary skill to be mastered before entering the classroom setting.

A healthy and typically developing child learns toileting independence between the ages of two and four after potty training. And girls usually start before boys do. To be successful, a child should be ready and willing rather than forced. Just like learning to walk and talk, being able to use the potty during the day is a developmental milestone. There will be less stress involved for everyone when you child is ready.

Generally, once your child has learned muscle mastery (being able to walk to the bathroom by themselves, pull down their own pants and sit on the potty without help) this is a good time to start practicing.

We recognize that the road to potty training success can be full of ups and downs. That’s why we offer in-home and in-school consultations for potty training. Our behavioral specialist, Erika Smith, MEd, BCBA, can help build your child’s confidence through a positive, fun, and upbeat approach.

Our potty training packages include materials, books, in-home support, and over-the-phone consultation. Creating a positive environment and opportunities for success are our goals.

Contact us today to receive a free consultation with our behavioral specialist, Erika Smith, MEd, BCBA. We will give you information regarding our potty training program that we offer in San Diego North County.

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