Academic Support

Planning and organizational skills are key for academic success. But, sometimes kids with leaning challenges, such as dyslexia or ADHD, have trouble using these skills. They may forget their homework deadlines, have trouble organizing their desk, and lose track of materials. Children and teens with learning challenges are often bright, but may benefit from additional academic support. With executive functioning skills coaching, kids can start to be more independent at homework time and build confidence in their abilities.

At Paradox, our behavior consultant, Erika Smith, M.Ed., BCBA provides children and teens with the tools necessary for success. Your child’s strengths and weaknesses, routines, daily living skills, and school materials are considered when developing a customized plan for their academic needs.  A thorough assessment ensures that all of your child’s school work and extracurricular activities are planned for.

Every week, Erika meets with your child and includes weekly check-ins to ensure that your child or teen is following the plan. Additionally, any necessary changes are tweaked and made.

Academic Support Tools Include:

  • Visual schedules and planners
  • Study location
  • Study timing
  • Creating study time chunks
  • Developing reinforcement schedules for studying
  • Formulating the most optimal study atmosphere, including space, light, noise, music, etc.
  • Using personal planners and calendars

Erika’s expertise in time management and planning provides academic support to lay the foundation for success. The ultimate result is a well-balanced social and academic life.

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