Child and Teen

As children and teens grow, they develop and practice social skills, emotional understanding, and cognitive skills that help grow into healthy minded and strong individuals. Much of this growth stems from interactions with their parents and peers, and the interplay between environment and biology (their genes). Sometimes the environment at school or home can be challenging or the child is having trouble using their coping skills to work through a difficult time. They may have trouble with their feelings or they may continue to make decisions that negatively impact their health. Therefore, making it difficult for them to feel confident and good about themselves. This is when meeting with a therapist or psychologist may be beneficial to help your child and teen rediscover what direction they need to go in.

At Paradox, we offer therapeutic and goal oriented support in a to ensure that your child’s development is encouraged. Our expert child and teen psychologists and behavioral consultant have experience working with children and teens to explore new and successful ways of coping. Whether they are struggling with emotion regulation, tantrum behaviors, anger outbursts, anxiety, depression, or school related issues, we will tailor a plan to encourage their well-being.

Children and teens are seen by our specialists for:

Parents and children often attend therapy sessions together, as therapy can be a safe place to explore the thoughts and feelings that are difficult to express to one another at home. We also work with children and teens individually to develop their autonomy in an encouraging and non-judgmental space. This enhances healthy relationship building skills.

To learn more about our services, contact us today for a free phone consultation. We offer two Carlsbad office locations: Bressi Ranch and Aviara Parkway. Our child therapists at Bressi Ranch are also near San Marcos.