Back to School

It’s back to school season. And that means time for excitement, butterflies and ringing bells! With this transition, some feelings of discomfort and anxiety can come up for children.

So, here are four tips to make the back to school transition smoother.

  1. Take your child to the new school to see the campus. They can meet their teachers and visit the necessities (e.g., bathrooms, gyms, classroom, lunch room). This can ease your child’s anxiety about where to go. And help them to feel clear about their surroundings.

  2. Create a Success Journal with your child. Pointers to include might be reminders of their areas of strength, positive stories, and tips to help them get through tough academic and social situations. Your child can share this with their teacher. Remind them to keep it in their backpack to help them get through tough times.

  3. Use action figures, props, arts and crafts to create the first day of school. Talk about what might happen and use the materials to practice potential interactions (e.g., introducing themselves to a new peer, overcoming feelings of shyness).

  4. Practice deep breathing techniques (e.g., belly breathing for three times) and remind your child to practice this at least twice during the day to build their self-soothing abilities.

Remember, if you can model a positive attitude and practice mindfulness techniques with your child, they will internalize these feelings and make them their own during back to school time. Most children are able to overcome their initial nervousness during the first month of school, and practicing these skills will develop their confidence each year.

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About Susan Gehrig, PhD

Susan Gehrig, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and founder of Paradox Psychological Services located in Carlsbad. She has a passion for supporting the wellbeing of children and teens. Her expertise is in child mindfulness and self-compassion, cognitive behavioral therapy, and child development. Dr. Gehrig provides psychoeducational testing and therapy services to help build a plan for success. Paradox provides services for families of San Diego North County and greater areas.

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