Erika Smith, MEd

Child Behavior Specialist

Erika Smith Behavioral Specialist Paradox Psychological Services

Erika Smith, MEd, BCBA is a child behavioral specialist with a passion for supporting the success of young children through child behavior interventions. She offers parent consultations with an emphasis on positive social interactions and enjoyable learning. And with expertise in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), she can help your child feel confident and achieve success throughout their home and school life. Through Erika’s positive, fun and upbeat approach, she encourages long-lasting change.

Erika provides parent consultation to help families create less stressful home environments, follow easy daily routines, and create more positive interactions. She meets families at their homes and learns about children’s skills, preferences, interests and family context. Afterward, she offers tips and tools to guide parents in the success of a behavioral plan. Erika offers phone consultations as well as in-home and in-office consultations.

Erika’s areas of expertise include Autism, ADHD, anxiety, oppositional behaviors, communication, potty training, learning disabilities, tantrum behaviors, ABA therapy, and more. Furthermore, she can guide children in school readiness, organizational and planning skills for ADHD, and early learning skills.

Erika can help your child develop skills in:

  • Positive peer relationships
  • Communication
  • Attention and organization
  • Creative problem solving
  • Pretend and imaginative play
  • Following routines
  • Transitions during activities
  • Potty training and other self-help skills
  • Managing tantrum behaviors
  • Parent and child effective communication


Erika completed her Masters of Education and her Board Certified Behavioral Analysis certification at Arizona State. Her consultation and expertise are guided by over 15 years of experience working in California’s schools, homes and clinics. Her specialties include parent and school consultation and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).

Erika’s goals and style include

  • Developmentally appropriate treatment goals
  • A broad range of targeted skill areas such as self-care, communication, sociability, play and leisure, academic skills and motor development.
  • Short and long-term goals for success
  • Training and guidance for parents and/or other family members and caregivers
  • Planned and naturally occurring opportunities to acquire skills
  • An abundance of positive reinforcement

Erika offers coaching and support using these interventions:

  • ABA–Positive Behavior Support
  • ABA-Verbal Behavior
  • behavioral interventions
  • Behavioral consultation

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