6 Strategies for Child ADHD

Although ADHD is considered a brain development issue, children can readily be taught tools and techniques for staying organized and planning. Kids brains are also sponges and they can copy suggestions modeled by their parents. Teaching these tips can help kids learn to plan ahead for homework, complete larger assignments, and finish chores on time.


Here are 6 strategies for child ADHD that you can easily do at home with your child.

    1. Much easier said than done, daily routines with consistent morning, mealtime, and bedtime schedules (including the weekends) can set a solid foundation for each day and week.

    2. Break tasks into smaller pieces of information. This can help kids feel less overwhelmed.

    3. Use visuals for checklists, particularly for chores and homework. Use a whiteboard, poster or large calendar for your child for a multisensory approach.

    4. Show your child how to take notes on paper and practice using their smart device for making lists and organizing. Teach them to use color coding for binders and pens.

    5. Create a peaceful and quiet work space. Make school supplies accessibles in an area away from pets, televisions and busy areas in the house. Double bonus – use this to seek quiet for yourself 😉

    6. Help your child plan ahead before bedtime by reviewing the next day’s schedule and what needs to be done to make the day go smoothly.

      When you practice and model these planning and organizational tips with your child, it will help to reduce everyone’s stress. Your child will feel more confident and prepared in their day, knowing that you are there to support them and guide their success.

      Our behavioral specialist, Erika Smith, MEd, BCBA, can offer consultations in-office and in-home. Help your child start the organization and planning process early on in the school year. Contact us today for your free consultation. We serve families in San Diego North County, including Carlsbad, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Escondido and surrounding cities.

About Susan Gehrig, PhD

Susan Gehrig, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and founder of Paradox Psychological Services located in Carlsbad. She has a passion for supporting the wellbeing of children and teens. Her expertise is in child mindfulness and self-compassion, cognitive behavioral therapy, and child development. Dr. Gehrig provides psychoeducational testing and therapy services to help build a plan for success. Paradox provides services for families of San Diego North County and greater areas.

2 comments on “6 Strategies for Child ADHD

  1. I really like that you talked about routines. As you said, it seems much easier said than done, but it still can be done if you put your mind to it. You just have to be focused and remember that this is making your kid a better learner. Do you have any other tips about children’s ADHD?

  2. I like that you suggest to break tasks into smaller pieces of information. I can see why this would help them focus for a good 15 minutes or so and then be allowed to think of other things. I coach a basketball team with a couple kids who have ADD. I make sure to allow them time to be crazy for a bit and then tell them it’s time to focus. So far this seems to have worked well.

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