5 Toddler Potty Training Tips

Here are 5 toddler potty training tips for your toddler by our behavior specialist, Erika Smith, M.Ed., BCBA

As a parent, it’s not always clear when your child is ready to begin the potty training process. Some children master potty training before they turn 2 years old. And others might not become fully independent until preschool. Regardless of your child’s unique path, it’s important to pay close attention to your child’s “poo-poo” and “pee-pee” behaviors. This will help identify signs that your child is ready to begin potty training.

Below are 5 toddler potty training tips to look for:

  1. You begin to notice your child is staying dry longer. 

    As a child develops, they gain more and more control over their bladders. This allows them to stay dry for longer periods of time. When you begin to notice your toddler staying dry for longer (1-2 hours) and waking up from naps with a dry diaper, this means they’re gaining bladder control.

  2. Your child starts to take off their own dirty diaper. 

    The more mature your child gets, the more aware of their body they become. When you begin to notice your child taking off their own diaper, or trying to, it means they don’t like the feeling of a wet or “poo-pee” diaper.

  3. Your child signals that they’re “going to go.” 

    Some kids may use their words, some might make grunting noises or funny facial expressions, and others may hide away. Regardless of the signal, your child is communicating awareness of their bodily functions.

  4. Your child shows interest in YOUR toileting routine. 

    Children learn many skills by modeling what they see their parents do. As your child becomes more aware of their bodily functions, they also become aware that mommy and daddy ALSO use the bathroom. When you begin to notice your child displaying interest in your toileting routine (fallowing you to the bathroom, commenting, asking questions) take this as a learning opportunity for your child and encourage their curiosity.

  5. Your child is able to undress themselves. 

    One very important thing to ask yourself is, “Does my child know how to pull down their underwear?” Expecting a child to learn to use the bathroom independently is impossible if the child has not mastered simple undressing! Once your child is able to pull down his/her underwear independently, they will have far more control of keeping their pants dry and are ready for potty training.

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Erika is a child behavioral specialist offering parent consultation for potty training, effective communication and social skills in San Diego North County, including Carlsbad and San Marcos areas. Through active encouragement and positive change, she inspires children to feel confident and achieve success in home and school life.

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